About Us

Understanding fashion trends that are established and proven trends within the non-endemic world and applying them to the endemic space. Establishing relevant capsules ready to introduce to potential third label collaborators which will keep third label on the cutting edge of endemic fashion. Timing these releases while large non-endemic names are representing fashion zeitgeist further boosts and promotes sales within our demographic. A better understanding and analytics procured by prior sales along with existing data from content creators will be used to produce and design apparel directly targeting the content creators’ viewership to maximize sales. Items will be limited release, taking advantage of “FOMO”, reassuring items sold will never be re-released. This idea should be practiced and followed within’ third label. Recycling DESIGNS should be avoided while recycling CUT should absolutely be re-used to reflect current fashion trends.

Third Label is an apparel brand that bridges the gap between Esports and Lifestyle apparel. Third Label will have it's own inline apparel, but will focus on content creator collaborations to design apparel with more specific consumer targeting in mind. The focus on apparel will be "fan casual" apparel that touches lightly on a team or creator while still keeping style as a priority in all design matters. We will also be pushing more fashion forward pieces through collaborators in smaller volume. The tie in between "fan casual" and "street" comes in with capsule and look specific projects with an intention of pushing multiple SKUs per collaboration release.

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